Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Retirement - Week 1

What a strange way to start retirement! Steve and I have been homebound for two days because of the weather. I haven't even stuck my nose out the door since coming home from church on Sunday! Our wintry weather consisted mostly of ice, so no snowman building here. I would like to think I would have bundled up and created the most amazing snowman anyone had ever seen...but that is a little far-fetched. I'm the stand-at-the-window-drinking-hot-chocolate type person. I've often fantasized about going to a beautiful snow covered ski resort. But only to wear the cute jacket and scarves and drink warm brandy by the fire. In this fantasy I'm a size 3 and have long brunette hair. (when I dream, I dream big!)

I'm ready for the snow and ice to be out of here! I have a very important engagement tonight...bunko! This is the first time in months that I have actually felt like going so I plan to be there - even if I have to get the city's armored tank to take me. I don't think there is a riot anywhere that needs their service today anyway.

We had an awesome worship on Sunday morning! The music was even better than usual. We sang some good old foot stompin', hand clappin' songs. If I had been sitting in one of the end seats I may have just started running up and down the aisle...I don't think anyone would have noticed! Most of the time I get so caught up in worship that I forget other folks are around me, but it is so cool when I think to look around and see people worshiping in the same manner. I am so very blessed to worship with other passionate believers.

I am already starting in on a routine...of course I will add to it when the arctic blast leaves our frigid state. On Saturday I found the top of my kitchen table and on Monday I found the top of my desk - I can't wait to see what else I might find! Is Jimmy Hoffa still missing? Steve and I have already cleaned out two closets. Well, actually Steve did all the work, I just sat here and said, "keep" or "trash" and the occasional, "what the heck is that?"

I will close for now. I will check in tomorrow to let everyone know if I won at bunko or if someone cheated and stole the victory from me!

Much love from the frozen tundra,

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