Thursday, April 21, 2011

Random Thoughts

Hello! Did you think I had disappeared? Maybe abducted by aliens? That makes me think of a woman that I have always called my second know who you are...PATSY! I grew up with several interesting women in my world. Each bring back wonderful memories, but I was closest with Patsy. She always tells people she taught me how to cuss and smoke...I guess if you are going to do those things you know how to do them well. Thankfully neither one of those are temptations to me any longer, but that doesn't mean I love Patsy any less.

Two things that I always associate with Patsy: Aliens and Elvis. Patsy was, and I guess still is, an Elvis freak. When I heard on the radio that Elvis had died I immediately called Patsy. She thought I was a prank caller and hung up on me! I called her back and convinced her to turn on the radio, I remember her being so upset and not thoroughly convinced that he was actually dead...probably working at a burger joint somewhere.

Now to the aliens. I spent many summer nights in Patsy's back yard staring up at the stars. She had me convinced there are many spaceships flying around just waiting to find a place to land and abduct people for medical experiments. That may sound horrible, but it was like a nightly visit to a carnival haunted house. To this day I cannot ride down a two lane road without looking in the sky for a UFO closing in on me.

Just a little background on what makes me the crazy way I am! I'm not sure where that came from tonight. It is fun to sign on to my blog and see where my brain goes! I might have to add a disclaimer to my blog! LOL