Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Can Do It!

Do you ever get amused with yourself for insisting on doing things on your own? It was raining when I was heading out the door for bible study this morning. Steve, being the wonderful man he is, offered to help me out to the car. I assured him I could do it on my own. So off I went with my head held high in self-sufficiency. In my arms were my keys, purse, bible bag, 3 library books to return, my to-go mug and sales papers for the stores I would be hitting after my class...oh yeah, I was also holding my umbrella to protect me from the cold rain!

I choreographed the dance of getting all those things into their proper place in my car while staying dry. I was proud of myself and even said to myself, "I am woman, hear me roar!" I was only a block or so away from the house when I realized that my accomplishment wasn't that great. I could have humbled myself, let Steve help me out, and I would still be headed down the same road, just a little more relaxed.

How often do I throw my shoulders back and tell God that I can do something myself? I tend to only approach God with my big problems. Sickness, heart breaks, finances...but I don't believe that is the only time God wants to hear from us. It is such a comfort to know that Jesus "is closer than a brother", to know that I can go to Him with everything - big or small.

If you are a parent, think of when you want to hear from your children. I love to hear from my kids - even though they are grown I delight in talking to them. They don't have to wait until they have a problem or until they have some huge accomplishment. I am thrilled to just talk with them, to hear about their day and the things they think about. Our heavenly Father is the same way. He delights in us! Don't you love that thought? The creator of this magnificent world with all of it's beauty and majesty delights in you!

As I grow in my Christian walk, I do find myself talking with my Lord on a more continual basis. I feel closer to the Throne when doing that. I don't feel the need to re-introduce myself or play catch up when talking to God and with my scattered brain that is a very good thing!

Bask in the thought that God delights in YOU!


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