Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Wow!  Where has the time gone?  It's already October?  This Alabama weather keeps me guessing about what month I'm living in.  I go for days not caring what day it is and then *poof*, it is a week later than I thought.

I've been enjoying sitting on my deck enjoying the fall-ish weather for days.  I planned to enjoy it again this morning during my TAWG (Time Alone With God).  I gathered my bible (both printed and electronic), my prayer journal and a cup of coffee.  I headed out and settled in my chair.  It didn't take but a minute or two to realize my t-shirt and shorts were not the appropriate attire this morning.  I headed back in for long pants and returned to my spot.  I did manage to make it half way through my cup of coffee before I realized more fabric was needed.  I finally settled in after wrapping up in an afghan (one handmade by me, I might add).

I perused some favorite scripture.  I always head to the Psalms first.  I remind myself that I am "fearfully and wonderfully made", that God "knit me together", that He "knows my thoughts from afar", He "hems me in from front and behind".  These have all been a comfort to me while battling cancer.  Instead of becoming stale scripture over these 3 3/4 years, they have become more like a friend.  Something that I look forward to each day.

Just sharing this pic because M&Ms make me happy!
I had some big praises to sing to my God this morning.  I praised Him all day yesterday, but I made it official this morning.  I'm not sure if that makes sense.  My heart remains thankful for what God is doing in my life, in the lives of my family and friends.  But yesterday He showed up and showed out BIG!

Praise #1:  Got a call from Allie that she had been offered the job she wanted!

Praise #2:  Got a great report from my blood work!  My tumor marker dropped for the third week in a row.  That number has been cut in half since I started this drug combo on July 9.

Praise #3:  I had a conversation with Andrew about how God works in our lives even when we don't understand it.  To be able to talk about God with your grown children is a great blessing.

Praise #4:  I finally got to meet my 2-week old great-nephew, Ezra James.  Icing on the cake!

After about an hour, with my hands cold and my nose running, it was time to come inside.


How many of you remember committing to memorize some scripture?  Today is your reminder!!!
I suggested Psalm 34:1-3, but if you picked something else that is fine, too.


I've been playing around with some crafts....I hope to start showing some of them to you tomorrow.

I would love to hear from you!!  What book are you currently reading?

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