Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Here I am again.  Another sleepless night because of steriods I have to take with my chemo.  It just doesn't seem very fair.  They give you drugs that are going to make you feel yucky and then another drug to make sure you stay awake and enjoy every minute of it.

I'm not complaining, I'm just joking around a bit.  I want to have a fun time with this post, which could be a little scary.  I have just taken seven drugs that either have the potential or the promise to make you go to sleep.  Well, they don't make me sleep but you can bet your sweet bippie it dulls the senses.

A few weeks back I had a vision for the coffee table in my sitting room.  This room is called the sitting room because this is where I sit.  Anyway, I needed a little husband help on this project.  I needed odd shaped wooden blocks and with my mishaps with glue guns, nobody wants me around an electrical saw!

It is about this time that I had the great idea to take pictures of this project like the crafty blogger people do.  So lets give it a wing-ding:

Here are the odd shaped blocks my hubs lovingly sawed for me, the stencil letters that I made, and a wonderful assortment of scrapbook paper.  The Modge Podge is mysteriously missing from this shot.

OK, before you look at this next shot I want you to know that I am an excellent speller.  I don't get that math where they mix numbers and letters, but I can spell when you get those numbers out of my business.  So.....if you were going to make a tablescape with the word THANKFUL, which of the letters below would you not use?  Go ahead.

Why on God's green earth did I make a "C"?  And why did it have to be front and center in my picture?

Here is the project as it stands now.  I may add something or move it around but that is it for today.  I made the flower arrangement and the block letters.  The two foam pumpkins are from Walmart.  And the sweet chicks front and center were my grandmother's salt and pepper shakers.  The sun streaming through the blinds was all God's idea.

Good night to all!


  1. Ha! I like it a lot! Crazy spelling happens to the best of us! I'm pretty sure Josh would steal your owl letters, so be glad he's in another state. :)