Friday, July 29, 2011



How can I begin to express my love and gratitude to my husband...without getting all mushy?

How does the old joke go? We've been married for 28's been the happiest 3 years of my life! haha! Just like everyone else we've had our good years and our not so good years. But God has blessed us with each of these years. I'm thankful for all of these days.

Steve and I knew each other for a couple of years before we actually started dating. I thought he was a snob and he thought I was a flirt. He chased me until I finally caught him....that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :-) We married during my senior year of high school, that was not the smartest idea we ever had - but what God has joined together let no one put assunder.

Steve is many things to me:

MY COOK:Steve grilled out for us on our second date. Steak, bake potato, salad....he had me at steak! Since then he has wowed me with all sorts of wonderful meals...coconut shrimp, low country boil, homemade french toast, omelets and any kind of BBQ you can imagine!

MY LAWN MAN: He made a decision 16 years ago that he wanted to be with his wife and kids more, to be a bigger part of our lives. He left the retail world and started his own business. I was scared to death! But it was a great decision for our family. He is great at what he does and year after year our backyard becomes more beautiful with flowers, shrubbery, and our water fountain.

MY POOL GUY: Steve does absolutely everything for our pool. He opens it every year, maintains it all summer, closes it in the winter and repairs all broken parts. He does everything except swim it in - I guess that's my job.

Three years ago with my cancer diagnosis, he added another description. MY CARETAKER. Neither one of us wanted him to have this title - and I didn't take to it very well in the beginning. But he has been with me every step of the way. He was a watchdog while I was in the hospital, making sure all the nurses were meeting my needs. He has protected my heart, shielded me from hurts, encouraged me to fight when I didn't think I had any fight left in me. The picture at the top of this post was taken on a trip at the end of my first round of treatment. We were both so excited to be outside, away from the house after a very trying year.

These are all wonderful traits in a husband, but I also admire his traits as a Christian man.

He is GENEROUS. He always trys to help a friend or stranger anytime he can. Whether it's money, food, helping with a chore. He has taught me alot about generosity.

He is TRUSTWORTHY. If he says he is going to do something, he does it.

Marvelous attributes of a man these days...but the most important thing about my husband is that he is a Christian. He's not just a guy that believes there is a God. He is a man that believes, trusts, worships and serves God. He is sold-out and locked-in to God.

Thank you God for blessing me with this man. You knew this man was what I needed long before I did.

Happy Birthday Steve!
I love you more every day!

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