Thursday, July 28, 2011



As I was going over my activities of the day and thanking God for the energy to do these things, it occurred to me how many things I did yesterday involving the letter "C" (these are the deep thoughts one has when they no longer work or have children to raise) :-)

CLEANING day! Woohoo! I love CLEANING day - my house smells so fresh, the floors are clean, furniture is dusted. It is a beautiful thing. Heavens no, I am not the one doing all this cleaning! But I did write the CHECK to have it done!

My first activity was to use my COUPONS. This picture shows the things I purchased yesterday at CVS. Using my coupons the total for this purchase was only $26! Yay! Let me stop right here and brag on the customer service at my local CVS. They are always very helpful and friendly. I try to shop with them whenever possible, because it is just so nice to do business with people who are COURTEOUS!

Next on my list was CHATTING with a CHICK friend over some CHINESE food. The food was good, but the CONVERSATION was excellent! I am so thankful to have been blessed with friends that are entertaining and also are not bashful to talked about God, our dependency on Him and how He blesses us each day.

Now on to Wal-mart. I don't particularly like to shop at Wal-mart. Unfortunately, sometimes the ole CHECKBOOK dictates where I shop. However, I was able to use almost $8 in COUPONS.
Back at the house, I unloaded all of these purchases (whew). Thank you God for the energy to COMPLETE this task and thank You for providing food for our CUPBOARD.

Two sweet CHICK friends came by the house to visit with me for a little while. Their visits are such a sweet time of fellowship.

Time to get ready for CHURCH! I changed into a new outfit I bought while on vacation last week. Guess what color. CYAN (a shade of blue)! CHURCH was awesome again! Our time of praise and worship was so incredible. Standing among fellow believers worshiping our Almighty God! Words just can't describe it!

Onto the last stop of the day. We had after church supper with guessed it....I had CHICKEN fingers!

Last night I prayed for those fighting CANCER. I pray for strength for those who have fought for a long time and peace for those new to the fight. To each of them I offer this scripture...

"Have I not COMMANDED YOU? Be strong and COURAGEOUS. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go" Joshua 1:9

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