Saturday, September 25, 2010

Today is THE day!

The power of God is not necessarily found in heavenly revelations or visions. (my thoughts on a seed Pastor Kevin planted 9/12/10)

The power of God can be seen in these things, but is not limited. Somedays the power of God may be displayed in giving you the strength and willingness to get out of bed. Those that have chosen to depend on God (and by that I mean those who have realized that their every need relies on God) rely on his srength and His grace to open their eyes, rise out of the bed and put one foot in front of the other. I do not expect to get up in the morning and see this huge finger of God pointing me in the direction I should go, but I do expect to feel His presence as I go through my day. When I don't sense His presence I need to step back, humble myself and admit I have made a wrong turn. How do you want to use me today, Lord?

Having a terminal illness brings the question of "how long do I have" into vivid focus everyday. But really I'm not different than anyone else. None of us know our day or hour to begin eternity with our Saviour. Maybe if we all thought of ourselves as terminal we would get busy doing what God has willed for our lives.

How many opportunities to serve God have I missed? Countless I am sure. How many times have I been focused on my career, getting my bills paid, diong what I wanted to do? How many times have I put the will of God behind the will of me? I shutter and I am ashamed that I could ever think my will should come first.

Loving Father of heaven and earth, forgive me for ever putting me before you. I never want to do that again. I ask you to remind me when I start putting myself first. Thank you for your forgiveness, for your never ending love. I want to be an instrument for you. I want to wake up each morning anticipating how you will use me and I want to lay my head down at night thinking of the glorious things you have done each day. Thank you God for this day, for this hour. Amen

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