Saturday, September 4, 2010

This is good.

Today has been a fantastic day! I'm spending the weekend with some of my favorite people - my sisters and all of our daughters are spending a long weekend in Fairhope. We have a lot of shopping and eating planned. But the thing we have done most is laugh. We have that special bond between us that is I think is so rare. We all have the same off-kilter sense of humor and we can each make fun of each others idiosyncrasies and not get our feelings hurt.

Sue is usually the butt of most of our jokes. She just makes it so easy for us. :) The most amazing part is that the sisters three have passed this along to our daughters. I am so thankful for this bond.

Several times today I have stopped and thought, "this is good".

I am looking forward to more laughing and more memories tomorrow.

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