Friday, July 20, 2012

Sweet Sleep

"You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar."  Psalm 139:2

I admit it.  I love to sleep.  I believe that a nap can cure just about any illness or help you thwart any domestic dispute.  I fall asleep in the car even if we are just going to the mall.  I've even fallen asleep at a NASCAR race!  Now that takes talent!

The only time I cannot sleep is the night after I receive a chemo treatment.  I feel sick and would love to sleep to avoid the feeling, but sleep eludes me.  This past Monday was no exception.  The day of treatment is usually the worst time for headaches, nausea, etc.  Thankfully, I have medicine to relieve all the symptoms except insomnia.

Before bed on Monday night I took (2) pills for headache, (2) for blood pressure, (1) for nausea, (1) "happy" pill and (1) sleeping pill.  Get a load of this:  EACH of these pills have a label that reads "may cause drowsiness".  You would think with seven pills that may cause drowsiness that I would be able to slip off into a peaceful doze.  I think I need a prescription with a label that says "will knock you into next week!"

The drugs help with the illness, but they do not get me to sleep.  So I resorted to the remedies I learned as a child.  I took a census of sheep until my pasture was full and the fence was bulging.  No sleep.  I counted how many times Steve snored, but then he rolled over and left me hanging on 37.  I started counting my blessings "naming them one by one", but it started stressing me because I didn't want to forget any of them. I use to try to quote scripture verses, but if I couldn't remember I would go crazy until I got up and looked up the scripture.  I think I finally fell asleep thinking of different craft projects I would like to make.

Those sleepless nights seem to go on forever.  But they are not as bad as they once were.  At the beginning of my cancer journey those sleepless night were filled with fears, tears and worry.  I rarely experience the fear, tears and worry now.  I know that God is with me and my family every step of the way.  We rely on His strength and His mercy and that give me the peace I need for each day.

Peace to you!


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  1. I'm glad you got a little sleep, and I hope you'll get to catch up on the missed sleep soon. :)