Friday, July 6, 2012

Blessed Assurance

I have recovered from the wedding, I think.  The tuxes have been returned, the flowers are wilting and we have almost finished the cakes.  For several days no one was allowed to leave our house unless they took a large plate of cake with them!

Since I was the mother of the bride, every moment of the day was special to me. The getting dressed, the hundreds of pictures, the rest time before the ceremony...and then, the ceremony.  My favorite part of the ceremony was at the beginning when the minister instructed Allie and Ryan to turn around and look at the congregation.  He prompted them to look around at the guests and to "take it all in".  After months of preparation, a week of final details and a day full of rushing around for pictures - they were able to stop and see all the folks that came to support them.  Of course, I couldn't keep my eyes off Allie and Ryan.  They were truly beaming.

As I crashed into the bed that night, I was overwhelmed with thankfulness.  I was thankful for the gift of the day.  Just being there and experiencing the day would have been enough.  But during the reception I felt a little nudge from God.  He was prompting me to look around and take it all in.  I saw Ryan, the man that has promised to love, honor and cherish my daughter for all of her days, I saw family members, young and old.  There were friends, some from years past and some new.  There were members from another family that were now a part of our family.  Then it occurred to me, these are the people that will be comforting, loving and supporting my family when I am gone.  It didn't make me sad to think of it, it actually made me very happy.  I know there are others that will also be there for Steve, Allie and Andrew, but God was giving me a glimpse, an assurance that when He calls me home they will be okay.

Isn't that the way our awesome God is?  He is almighty, creator of all good things, ruler over heaven and earth!  Then, His compassion is so deep and personal that He knows that a terminally ill wife and mom just wants to know that everything will be okay.

Love to all,


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