Friday, August 19, 2011


I have spent a good bit of time this week working on my disability benefits. Those words, "disability" and "benefit" used together always seem a little funny to me. It sounds like "Hey, your disabled - you get a prize!" I am very thankful for these monetary benefits...oh boy, am I thankful! But it is not a quick process to go through. Thankfully I had someone help me understand the paperwork at the beginning. But along the way there are letters and meetings and emails and phone calls. I received a phone call telling me I should be receiving a letter - when I got the letter it basically said I should have received a phone call. Mix all this information with a chemo brain and you have one confused woman on your hands!

On top of that I have been paying on a disability policy for twelve years that unfortunately I get to use. So that is another collection of phone calls, letters and emails. I considered myself a person of average intelligence until I went through this process. With this company you have to give info to a recording using the numbers on your phone before you are granted an audience with customer service. The info required: My claim number (7 digits), my phone number (10 digits), my birthdate (6 digits) and for security purposes I had to spell out the model of my first car! All of this number punching gave me the privilege to hear this recording, "Our office is closed for a training meeting - please call back after 1:00 pm" click.

My Pastor gave a message on Sunday about the benefits of God (Psalm 103:1-5)
1. He forgives your sin
2. He heals your diseases
3. He redeems your life
4. He loves you unconditionally
5. He satisfies your soul

How marvelous are the benefits of God! These benefits don't run out, you don't have to complete any paperwork, no password is needed and you don't have to punch a bunch of numbers! You don't even have to pay for it - Jesus Christ paid the fee for us! Woohoo! "That'll preach brother!"

I am thankful for the monetary benefits I receive, but, Oh, how much more thankful I am for the benefits of God! To God I am not a claim number. He knows my name and everything about me - even the number of hairs and freckles! He knows my every need and sees every teardrop.

Thank you God! Through the death, burial and resurrection of Your Son, I have full access to you. All You want from me is my love and worship. Help me keep my heart's focus on You and let my worship be pleasing to You. Amen

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  1. Yay! I'm glad you got it figured out! You're above average intelligence. It's just mind-boggling to have to talk to machines over the phone. :-/