Monday, March 4, 2013

It's Just Me

Hey!  Long time no blog!  The winter months have been long and gray for me.  I dared not blog because I had nothing profound, inspiring or funny to share.  I have spent most of my time knitting, cross stitching and overdosing on the Game Show Network.

During my absence from the blogging world we faced one of the days we knew would come but hoped would be later than sooner. I moved to the next phase of treatment.  Xeloda is a chemo in pill form that I take at home. No more weekly trips to the center. No more getting up early to sit in a chemo hair for hours. That probably sounds like good news, but it made me very sad. Over these four years I have grown close to the nurses and staff at the center that I couldn't imagine weeks going by before I would see them again.

Okay, enough melancholy!  This day is too beautiful to spend it moping around. Which, dear ones, is the subject of today's post.

The sky is a beautiful blue, the birds are singing their different little songs - the original tweeting (no app required).  The air is a little chilly but I refuse to stay inside. I've found a corner of my deck where the sun shines through the trees this time of day so I'm warm...and I'm wearing a jacket and boggan.

I have cracked open the binocular case to get a good look at the feathered creatures visiting my earthly paradise. There are some beauties!  From far away I would describe them as red or brown or black - I'm real descriptive like that. But through the binoculars I can see the different shades, the designs on their wings and tail feathers. Breathtaking. I'm sure there is a devotion in that somewhere. I will think about that later.

I realized last fall that the birds sometimes watch me too and I caught one looking in my window last week!  I can imagine this morning the birds are tweeting each other. "Hey, that woman with binoculars is back!  #creepy"

All this bird talk reminds me of a friend. We became friends through an online bible study.  She lives several states away, we've never met or spoken. We only talked through Facebook. She is passionate about The Lord and loved watching birds. Most of our conversations centered around those two subjects. She has some sort of disease that was stealing her eyesight. Sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas it worsened to the point that she can't even used the computer designed for the vision impaired. We haven't been able to communicate.

I think the moral of this story is don't wait for the conditions to be perfect to do something. It's a little chilly, but go look at the birds. Your desk may be piled high with papers or your laundry room may be overflowing, but go have lunch with a friend.

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today...unless its cooking. The pizza man can you cover you on that one.

Gonna fly now,


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