Friday, December 14, 2012

Is Clutter a Hobby?

It is no secret - I love crafts. Pinterest is a very dangerous site for me to visit - more ideas turn into more trips to the craft store, which then turns into more stuff piled in my house.  I jokingly told the hubby that I think I need to de-clutter a little bit.  He, just as jokingly, responded with "really? where?"

Hmm...let's see.

Would it be the kitchen?  Where one complete corner is hidden with "stuff" and the kitchen table is used as my fabric cutting table?

Would it be my sitting room?  Where at this moment I can see 6 skeins of yarn and three knitting looms.

Maybe my bedroom?  It is the home of my sewing machine and many spools of thread.

Perhaps the extra bedroom?  You can't even see the bed for all the fabric, yarn and various craft supplies.

The comical part of this is that hubby gave me half of his office as a craft space.  Below is a picture I took of the space this morning:

This is madness!  I think I need an intervention!

While searching for a roll of tape I found a really cool set of pens I forgot I had.  I wonder what I can make with those pens.

My life plays out like the book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie".  Ooooh, cookies - I think I'll go bake some cookies.....

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