Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hey, What's Your Name?

My son gave me a leather patch he asked his friends to make for me.  I am more "military" than he is.  I've never been in the service so I can still think of it as it was portrayed in the old black and white movies, the ones with Bing Crosby singing and dancing. Andrew says it is nothing like that - can you imagine that Hollywood steered us wrong?

Anyway, back to the leather patch.

It has my name, my title, and my branch.

A.H. Ellis

I turned it over in my hands feeling the soft leather and the indention of my name. The scent of it, warm and safe.  I am more intentional about taking in such things now. I don't just stop and smell the roses. I inspect their color, shape and the thorns that go along with them.  But that night I was drawn to my name on that patch.  My name, a name that I have had for many years, looked different to me.
I saw it, not as something I'm called, but as something I am.  It occurred to me that my name resembles my life. Parts of different people that make me the whole of who I am. Just as friends contribute to the experiences in a life, my name is also the result of contributions.

A.  Amy, the birth name given to me by my mother.
H.  Huguley, the family name given to me by my father.
Ellis, the name given to me by my husband, almost 30 years ago.

And finally,
Mom, the name given to me by my children.

I have been called many things (let's don't go there!  LOL), but my name reflects who I am.  There is only one name sweeter to me. That name doesn't reflect who I am, but Whose I am. I believe that name is Child.  I try to imagine the scene of when I enter into Heaven. It's much easier to focus on where you are going opposed to where you are leaving. I imagine God smiling and saying, "welcome home, Child".  I am a child of the Most High God!

My pathway to being His child began when Jesus sacrificed His life for mine.  Matthew 20:28

I am proud of my earthly name and all that it means, but I am ETERNALLY grateful to be His child!


  1. Amy, You are such a great writer. I enjoy reading every word you put to paper. You are an inspiration for me. For a long time now I have realized that I have so much to be grateful for and I try to connect to that everyday. The most personal growth I experience is when someone "updates" me on my perspective. You do that every time I read something you've written.

    1. This published under my google account. So you know who it is, this is Shalon's sister, Kim!