Sunday, August 1, 2010

"I wanna praise the Lord"

Sometimes we learn the best lessons by watching children. We worship at a church with three services on Sunday mornings. There are times when we have to wait a few minutes for one service to end so we can get into the sanctuary. It is a time when you can visit with others or get into a worshipful state of mind.

Today was the last worship service at this campus so it was really crowded. There were lots of folks standing in the hallway waiting to get in. A mom and her young son (maybe 3 years old) walked in the door. I've watched this family over the past year or so and delight in how they worship. The little boy came in - decked out in his three piece suit and tie - and was ready to walk right into the sanctuary. His mom told him he had to wait until the others came out and he said "I wanna praise the Lord!"

His words made me think of how we enter into worship. Sometimes we are hurried or worried. Maybe thinking of what needs to happen that afternoon or what has had happened that morning, when what we should be thinking is "I wanna praise the Lord!"

It was an awesome time of worship! I bet that little boy had a great time in worship this morning and so did I!

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