Monday, August 2, 2010

Another Treatment Behind Me

Monday - hmm. I'm coming out of my chemo fog. This is a day when I get impatient with myself. I don't feel sick so I think I should get up and go to work, but I've learned from experience that I can't do that. I sleep as long as I can, then set up my at-home office - which is actually me laying in bed with my laptop. That probably sounds like heaven to folks, I know it would have sounded great to me a few years ago. Gracie cuddles with me for awhile but even she gets tired of laying around all day.

I will be ready to get back to a normal life tomorrow. Yeah! If everything goes well I will be able to get 7 good work days in before my next treatment.

This treatment weekend has not been as bad as the last one. I think there are a several reasons for the improvement. First of all, my markers went down! Good news always helps our attitude doesn't it? Also, I think the nurses may have mentioned to Doc how depressed I was after my last visit. He was a little more upbeat with me.

Secondly, I had planned a little better for this weekend. I asked my aunt to come stay with me for part of the weekend. Her visits always lift my spirits. Also, my goal was to get to church on Sunday. I was determined to get there and I knew my aunt wanted to go too, so I mentally prepared myself all weekend to get there. I am so glad I did! I love worshipping with fellow believers and I loved sharing that experience with my aunt. After church she said she could tell our church is a Spirit-filled church. I agree with her 100%.

Lastly, I know that I had many prayer warriors lifting me up this weekend. Everyone that asked me how they can help us were told PRAY, especially this weekend. I feel those prayers and they strengthen me.

In early 2009 Doc told me I had to go through the bad days to get to the good days. At that time we were thinking I would have 10 months of bad days to get to years of good days. With my new diagnosis my focus has changed. I go through about 5 bad days to get to 9 good days before I do it again. I still like the ratio. The good days are awesome and are worth the battle. I really enjoy the good days. I enjoy the sight of blue sky more than I thought I ever could. I enjoy laughing. I enjoy the love of friends and family. Yes, this is a good life.

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