Friday, October 4, 2013

Rest for the Weary - Part 2

"Take my yoke upon you and learn from me" - Jesus (Matthew 11:28-30)

YOKE - (noun) a wooden crosspiece that is fastened over the necks of two animals and attached to the plow or the cart they are to pull.

I love how Jesus used illustrations while teaching. It is so much easier to understand a concept when it is explained in terms which you are familiar. Back in the day, it was common for mules, or beasts of burden, to pull heavy loads. These animals were yoked together, not only to share the burden but to keep them going the same direction.

Jesus wants to be yoked with me. **Mind blown**. He not only wants to carry my burden, he wants me to walk beside him and learn from him. This is an incredible offer than none of us should pass up!

First, when Jesus and I are yoked together,he is shouldering my burden along with me. When things seem to be overwhelming, he is there to help me through it. So many things in this earthly life are burdensome - finances, sickness, relationships - but through prayer and SEARCHING THE WORD, he provides direction.

Also, when we are yoked we are side by side. To me that means he is always there...during treatments, sickness, sleepless nights, and self-doubting days. Always. Not when it is convenient, but always. My chemo treatments now come with a side order of reaction. The first day of each treatment I have a time where every muscle in me seems to twist and contract and my head feels on the brink of explosion. I can assure you I am quite the sight during these reactions. I'm sure I look like a monkey on a jungle gym. I'm hooked up to IVs so my movement is limited, but I try standing and swaying, sitting on the floor, I have even sat backward in my chair with my arms and head hanging over the back of the chair. My body is against me, but my Jesus is for me, so when these pains start, I think of scripture verses that remind me that He is with me, walking on the water and through the fire.

We spend so much time trying to find a person to be "yoked" with - business partners, friends, spouses. When really the most important yoke is with Jesus. Some spend more energy looking for a dance partner than they do getting to know The One that matters for all eternity.

The football games aren't going to be that great this weekend and we are suppose to have some rain, so spend some quiet, indoor time getting yoked up with Jesus!

Love and peace from my deck,


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