Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Overdue Update

Good grief! I can't believe it has been so long since I've blogged! Why didn't someone remind me? Don't y'all know I have chemo brain and can't be relied on!

I was going to blog today about a few various things I've noticed or thought of but I guess I better give an update instead. Maybe next time I will remember what I had started to blog today...vicious cycle isn't it? Welcome to my world.

Two weeks ago Steve and I went for my regular treatment. The trip was routine, nothing spectacular - just the usual toxic cocktail and then we are on our way. We stopped by my old office to see my friends. They have all been so loving and supporting to us and I really miss seeing them every day. The visit wore me out so I was looking forward to getting home and hitting the couch. We had just settled in at home when the nurse called and said my blood work was "concerning" and could indicate renal trouble. I arranged to go back to the cancer center the next morning for more blood test. Praise God the first test was a fluke! All counts were fine and we got to come back home. That was good news...but the best news of the day would come later in the afternoon. My tumor marker number dropped dramatically! Woohoo! That is the first drop in about 5 months! I was elated!!!

We thank God for the "fluke" test and for the lower tumor markers! Our God is Great!!

Glory be to God!

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